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Birds, plants etc. I thought eBird was good, now I can survey for anything. I mostly use eBird for birds as it allows for more scientific data collection, but contribute to iNat as well (mostly sounds as I have found the iNat app's audio feature conveniently records in wav format which can be uploaded to eBird and is viewable in Kaleidoscope software). I do a lot of running around in the woods for work and look at nature everywhere in my off time.
I try to do a large number of identifications and try to add identifications and annotations to most of my observations. I don't always leave notes when I disagree with an identification simply because of the volume of identifications I do and the lack of response I have had from folks so far. If you add a comment to the observation I make sure to get back to you with my reasoning for my identification. If you find that I have made an error please comment on the observation and let me know! I definitely have made some mistakes on my own and others observations and appreciate when folks take the time to point them out. Also please feel free to give me guidance on taxonomy as I have already learned a few things from other folks on iNat and am trying to make sure that I use the most up to date and correct taxonomy.

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