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I grew up identifying plants in Oregon, somehow became a global coral microbiologist, and am now in France casually photographing every living thing I see.

I often go on hikes where I take a photo of each new plant I see along the way, regardless of how common or 'plain' the plant is. Sometimes I'm so obsessive about taking photos on walks/hikes that the volume of observations precludes a lot of investment into the identification of each one. So community IDs are very much appreciated.

I'd like to sit down and come up with a more systematic method of selecting which organisms I 'observe' on hikes, both to improve data quality (maybe allowing for quantitative inferences in my survey?) and to potentially reduce the overall amount of time I spend taking low-quality photos of extremely common species. Is there a way to get better information from these photos? Should I carry a scale bar or standardize the angles of photos? Look for 'associated organisms'? Something else?

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