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Plant enthusiast. Most familiar with vascular plants of northeastern North America, with a little bit of knowledge of vascular plants in East Asia, temperate tree species. Increasingly, I have been working on IDing cultivated plants so iNaturalist's computer vision (CV) recognizes them correctly. Feel free to tag me for an observation if you feel that I might be useful*, or if you want an explanation. I do my best with IDs, but if you have disagreements, feel free to tell me!

*I am the top identifier for columbines (Aquilegia), but that was from IDing old observations of red columbine (Aquilegia canadensis). I am not that good at identifying most other species.

Help out with these misidentified observations:

Phanera kockiana:

Pilea peperomioides:

Aristaloe aristata:

Haworthiopsis attenuata:

Haworthiopsis limifolia:

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