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I am a 19 year old naturalist, living in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. I am currently taking a gap year from uni. Much of my spare time over the last year has been spent in the field, going to undersurveyed areas for snails (in the superfamily Punctiodea) Harvestman (mostly in the Family Triaenonychidae), and generally beetles. So far I have discovered 7 new snail species, 6 of which are completely new, and 1 of which is a completely new genus. I have also found a possible new genus of harvestman, containing 2 species from the Tasman Peninsula, and Orford.
I work a lot with Dr Kevin Bonham, collecting land snails, and to whom I owe most of my knowledge of terrestrial snails to!

I have always been interested in nature, and for a lot of my life that has been in the form of conservation of threatened species, beetles and native orchids. More recently I have become interest in land snails, especially within the family Charopidae, weevils, land planarians and harvestman, although I often look into other groups as well!
I am also an avid macro photographer, trying to improve my shots!

I am a sitting board member of the Threatened Plants Tasmania (TPT) and the Tasmanian Field Naturalist Club (TFNC). I also volunteer for the Tasmanian Museum and Art Galleries invertebrate collections, and at Biosecurity Tasmania, working with their weevil collection. In year 11 I co-authored a paper on the critically endangered Ammonite Snail (Ammoniropa vigens) with Kevin Bonham, which I have attached below.

Recent research on the ammonite snail pinwheel snail Ammoniropa vigens (Legrand, 1871):

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