Lee Thomas

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As a generalist, my passion for Nature makes nothing uninteresting! A birder my whole life, wetland habitats now draw me and, thanks to iNat, smaller beings I had overlooked as well as non-faunal taxa.

Paleontology, my first career, totally fascinates & guides me. It shows how biologic & geologic dynamics create evolving biodiversities - unique in time/space.

I am deeply thankful to those who have & are mentoring me in their specialized fields. I would be lost without them. And to the 1) observers/identifiers, 2) experts/amateurs, and 3) the core folks at iNaturalist. Its ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT to have these types of forums that can record the amazing beauty of our natural world, while also recording the radical & rapid changes that lead to daily biodiversity losses. Several of my observations can no longer be replicated; too many are state listed.

I am an avid learner so, please, feel free to help any of my errant (or not) observations & identifications - works in progress. Some, like birds, are old friends & some, like Derbids & freshwater macro invertebrates, are becoming familiars.

Also, I’m drawn to stories of the Natural World so you’ll see some in my observations . . . mating, predation, habitat preferences, seasonal activities, human influence . . .

Happing Exploring, Everyone!

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