Karina Zhuzenova Curador

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Жузенова Карина (Zhuzenova Karina)


  1. Russian/Русский (native language) (родной язык)
  2. English (fluent)
  3. German/Deutsch (intermediate) (fortgeschrittene Kentnisse)
  4. Kazakh/Қазақша (beginner) (бастапқы)

main ID focus: Wildlife of Russia and Kazakhstan in general, Marchantiophyta (liverworts) + bryophytes and vascular plants in general, Curculionoidea (weevils), Membracidae (treehoppers)... and a lot of other things occasionally

warning: dead/roadkill animals in some observations!

Hello! I am a 16 year old naturalist with an interest in nature photography, biology and chemistry. I both observe and identify a lot. I want to learn everything I can about every living being around me, but my main focus is on higher plants (Embryophyta), arthropods and fungi. Liverworts especially fascinate me and I really want to get into bryology/hepaticology.
I love weevils too, if you already couldn't tell from my profile picture. I love searching for fern gametophytes and slime molds across the forest. I find winter/snow-dwelling arthopods (such as wasps, flies, springtails, etc.) interesting and I'm always thrilled to observe some! And many many more...

I'm also an iNaturalist curator, which means I add new taxa that are missing, fix errors, take part in managing the website and provide help to new users. So if you need any help, don't be afraid to ask!

I try my best to identify accurately, but if you see a mistake, I really encourage you to correct me so that I can learn from it. Just be polite and constructive, please. I'm always ready to explain why I chose one or another ID if you're wondering how I did it, also I am not a professional biologist

(You are free to use my observations in your research as long as you give appropriate credit. If you have any questions regarding my observations/photos, you can send me a private message.)

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