Summer 2020 in Beautiful British Columbia, Our BC iNaturalist Firsts

From March to September we returned to our motherland of British Columbia to escape the pandemic and explore the backcountry we've been dreaming of documenting while living in California. We were lucky enough to partner with the BC Parks iNat project to bio-blitz our way through some remote parks we had easy-ish access to. Most of these provincial parks were already on our to-do list for the summer, so we were ecstatic to be able to help document nature in BC on iNat.

This is our current list of BC iNat "firsts." We added thousands of observations to iNat while in BC, but I thought it was worth sharing this list to show how everyone can make an impact through iNat. This is especially true in more remote, less-traveled nooks and corners of BC, and the globe! So this is our list of the first observations of a species recorded in BC, on iNat, not the global first. I hope that makes sense! Trevor created a script, which is how we got this list.

If you disagree with any of these identifications please reach out we love learning what we saw and strive for accuracy!

'Acmaeops proteus':
'Acronicta cyanescens':
' Aedes nigripes':
'Aethalura intertexta':

'Agonopterix rosaciliella':
'Agrostis variabilis':
'Agrotis vetusta':
'Ameletus celer':
'Ancylosis undulatella':
'Andropolia contacta':
'Anthaxia caseyi':
'Apamea remissa':
'Arrhenia sphagnicola':
'Atylotus insuetus':
'Bibio holtii':
'Boloria frigga':
'Bombyliomyia soror':
'Caenurgina annexa':
'Cantharis oregona':
'Carex filifolia':
'Carex illota':
'Carex micropoda':
'Carex praeceptorum':
'Carex proposita':
'Carex vernacula':
'Chersotis juncta':
'Chrysopa pleuralis':
'Cixidia fusiformis':
'Clepsis spectrana':
'Colymbetes densus':
'Cydia populana':
'Cyrtopogon dubius':
'Dichelotarsus extremus':
'Diplotaxis obscura':
'Dolerosomus silaceus':
'Draba albertina':
'Draba aurea':
'Draba borealis':
'Draba crassifolia':
'Draba praealta':
'Drepanulatrix falcataria':
'Elatobia montelliella':
'Epicauta pruinosa':
'Eremobina claudens':
'Euhexomyza schineri':
'Eulithis explanata':
'Eupeodes montivagus':
'Euxoa albipennis':
'Euxoa costata':
'Euxoa divergens':
'Euxoa septentrionalis':
'Exobasidium phyllodoces':
'Fumibotys fumalis':
'Grammoptera molybdica':
'Gymnopus quinaultii':
'Gypsonoma fasciolana':
'Hadromyia aldrichi':
'Heliothis oregonica':
'Hydriomena divisaria':
'Hygrophorus subalpinus':
'Lacinipolia comis':

'Laphria vultur':
'Lasionycta luteola':
'Lasiopogon fumipennis':
'Leptosiphon septentrionalis':
'Leucania insueta':
'Ligyrocoris sylvestris':
'Lixus caudifer':
'Lixus rubellus':
'Loxostege sticticalis':
'Lycia ursaria':
'Mecinus janthinus':
'Megarcys subtruncata':
'Melanoleuca cognata':
'Molorchus longicollis':
'Monopis spilotella':
'Morchella brunnea':
'Mordellochroa scapularis':
'Neoleptophlebia heteronea':
'Nostoc parmelioides':
'Oligia obtusa':
'Oncopsis crispae':
'Parabagrotis exsertistigma':
'Parasyrphus genualis':
'Parasyrphus relictus':
'Parasyrphus tarsatus':
'Peleteria iterans':
'Platypolia loda':
'Plumiperla diversa':
'Poa suksdorfii':
'Podisus serieventris':
'Pogonocherus mixtus':
'Pogonocherus pictus':
'Pseudomasaris marginalis':
'Puccinia caricina':
'Ranunculus grayi':
'Resapamea passer':
'Ribes inerme':
'Saperda populnea':
'Saucrobotys fumoferalis':
'Serropalpus substriatus':
'Silene involucrata':
'Sisyra nigra':
'Slaterobius insignis':
'Sonronius dahlbomi':
'Sparganium hyperboreum':
'Sphegina brachygaster':
'Stenodynerus lucidus':
'Stephanopachys substriatus':
'Stictopleurus punctiventris':
'Syngrapha alticola':
'Tenthredo xantha':
'Thanasimus undatulus':
'Typhaea stercorea':
'Udea turmalis': '

The running total is 115, on 10/09/2020

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Amazing work, @chloejreid! I've followed your sightings - especially the lepidoptera - closely this year and I've been thrilled to see so much great stuff sighted so close by. And wow, 115 new firsts for iNat, incredible. (I'd love to get my hands on that script!)

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