iNaturalist "Firsts"

This is a running list of our iNat "firsts," aka the observations we made that were the first for the species.

-Tiger Moth: Aemilia ockendeni, identified by amzamz
-Mayfly: Ameletus celer, identified by Roger Rohrbeck on Bugguide
-Dove Snail: Anachis fluctuate, identified by pliffgrieff
-Horse Fly: Atylotus insuetus, identified by edanko
-Begonia: Begonia serotina, (EN), identified by pwmoonlight
-March Fly: Bibio holtii, identified by John F. Carr on Bugguide
-Typical Green Lacewing: Chrysopa pleuralis, identified by jonathan142
-Geometer Moth: Cimicodes angustipennis, identified by ropro
-Robber Fly: Cyrtopogon dubius, identified by tristanmcknight
-June Beetle: Diplotaxis obscure, identified by abtsmith
-Fugus, Clothes Moths & Allies: Elatobia montelliella, identified by dave328
-Basidiomycete Fungi: Exobasidium phyllodoces, identified by elbourret
-Quicksilvers: Hadromyia aldrichi, identified by Bill Dean on Bugguide
-Tiger Moth: Histioea paulina, identified by Julian Donahue
-Robber Fly: Lasiopogon fumipennis, identified by tristanmcknight
-Snout and Bark Beetles:Lixus caudifer, identified by Blain Mathison
-Springfly: Megarcys subtruncata, identified by dburton4444
-Antwren: Myrmotherula behni, confirmed by dougstotz
-Prong-gilled Mayfly: Neoleptophlebia heteronea, identified by Rodger Rohrbeck on Bugguide
-Clearwing/Tigerwing: Oleria sexmaculata, identified by kwillmott
-Planthopper: Oncopsis crispae, identified by Kyle Kittelberger on Bugguide
-Bristleside: Parasyrphus relictus, identified by Bill Dean on Bugguide
-Tiger Moth: Pitane fervens, identified by ropro
-Leaf Beetle: Platyphora batesi, identified by rob-westerduijn
-Stonefly: Margined Sallfly, identified by dburton4444
-Western Bluegrass: Poa suksdorfii, identified by sedgequeen
-Nightshade: Solanum candolleanum, identified by kai_schablewski
-Typical Leafhopper: Sonronius dahlbomi, identified by nomolosx
-Potter & Mason Wasp: Stenodynerus lucidus, identified by matthias22
-Common Sawfly: Tenthredo xantha, identified by Dave Smith on Bugguide

Need id help! These were self-identified by us, and would love confirmation!
-Fleabane & Horseweeds: Elmer's Fleabane,
-Common Gilled Mushrroms & Allies: Gymnopus quinaultii,
-Hawkweed: Hieracium nudicaule,
-Isopod: Paracerceis cordata,

Total: 33, as of 10/13/2020
If you disagree with an above id please reach out!

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Way to go!!! Spectacular! :)

Publicado por sambiology hace alrededor de 1 año (Marca)

Thank you Sam!

Publicado por chloe_and_trevor hace alrededor de 1 año (Marca)

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