City Nature Challenge 2021: THE PLAN

Well I am getting all geared up for the City Nature Challenge. I have not been out a lot this week thus far but I have been scoping out some areas and territory. I am going to spend a bit less time doing major park hopping and going to try to spend more time at one place and see what all I can get. The Village Creek Drying Beds will be on my list this year for there are a lot of dragonflies and I will be able to do a lot of sweep netting for there is a lot of tall grasses. I am also going to meet a few more folks at different areas during this event. I will be meeting @cindylcobb5 @lulubelle and several others during this thing. I am so happy that we will be able to get together in small groups. During this crazy nutso pandemic I think we have all become socially starved. Still this thing is going to be great. I will be looking for more species I have not collected data on. I have been trying to find more night insects in my yard and have found a bunch of cool things. When we are not doing the mothing nights in the public areas I will be set up mine at the house and fire it up and see what I can get. I am going for more observations this year and am going for more species. This year has been going great so far. I am hoping that this City Nature Challenge will prove to be most interesting. I have not missed one yet and I don't plan to. I am going to have a little bit of a different approach to how I do things this year but I need to do better. I have my gear all ready and rearing to go. I have used some of it lately in my practice runs. I always do a good practice run to loosen up and to work my ideas out. Hope DFW comes out on top this year. We have been close the last few years but with the more countries we add the more contest we have which is great. The more wildlife we add the more wildlife we speak up for.

Just a friendly word of warning: When out in nature make sure you don't make any unnecessary encounters with wildlife. Be mindful of your surroundings. I have seen reports of many folks being injured at state and national parks and what not. These contests do get a bit exciting but always go by ethical means of finding your observations. I know that most of us know the guidelines but with the new waves of social media and what not things can get out of hand. I am directing this message to the kids and our new members who may be unfamiliar with this sort of group. Also be mindful and wear weather appropriate clothes and be sure to wear hiking shoes out there. It is supposed to warm up in some areas and that means there could be snakes about. Still practice safety both wildlife safety and Covid-19 safety. We are not out the woods yet. Just looking out for my people and the wildlife we share. If you have a knack for catching things in petri dishes don't hold specimens more than you need to. Not trying to be overly critical but just giving a few helpful pointers. Hope you all have a great weekend and let's see who can come out on top. @sambiology @brentano @annikaml I will see you on the trail this week. This will be so good to see the groups again.

I will also get to meet Bee City Arlington for the first time on Saturday. We have not met in person so that will be nice to see them as well. I will be going out to Stovall Park for that event so there will be a lot of insects out there. I will be sweeping and what not out there. This will be a good run I can feel it in my bones. I am hoping to give my light ring and little more workout. I have not got to use it for any kind of mothing for I got it for Christmas last year. I am also hoping to get my insect pop tent a bit more use since it is spring and the rewards of sweep netting are highly increased. I will be doing a lot of sweep netting. I am going to try and get to Mockingbird Park early enough to do some sweep netting I am also bringing the small handheld black light to see if there are any scorpions out. I will have my flashlights and things too to look for hidden insects out there. It has been a while since I been out there and I have not walked around there much looking at the plants at night. I have mainly stuck to the mothing lights but I am going to switch up things a bit.

Some of the other parks I am thinking on going to

Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center
River Legacy
Village Creek Historical Area
(Maybe) Fort Worth Nature Center

I will have to look at my older lists for more but if I do a day of just park hopping it will be on Monday for sure and it will only be local parks. Saturday and Sunday will be the days I will be getting up very early and getting a big start. Sunday I will be mostly doing whatever so we will see how that goes. I will be looking forward to the reports as they come. I keep my eyes on the graphs and charts. These things get heated. I hope for nothing but the best outcomes from all of us. So that is pretty much my agenda. I will be mixing it up a bit doing sweep netting and beat sheeting but I may do some aquatics some where if I am able to. Lots of new toys I have gotten in recent months so I will have to try and use all the stuff I got during this event. Good luck, May the Force be With Us, So Say We All, Let's be a voice for nature. This is the way! Live Long and Prosper.

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Woo hoo!!! It should be a fun, action packed weekend! :) Remember, you have until May 9th to upload and ID all of your observations -- although the sooner the better. :)

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Roger that!

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Can't wait! Are there any group events?

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