A bit of bittersweet news

Well I knew that one day it was bound to happen. Next year will be my last year at TCC. I am about to sign up for classes. However, besides about to say good by to my current school friends in my last two semesters the thing I am going to miss the most is going out after class and taking images of the wildlife on campus. I mean it will be hard to leave TCC. I have been there way longer than I should have. I mean 2012 was the year I graduated high school and I got into TCC that fall. However I did hit a few snags and things along the way. However in 2015 I began putting in observations at school and have found so many cool species. I mean next year will be the final year I will be able to get bulk observations out there which makes me a bit sad to think about.

I will be transferring to UT Arlington and I will be able to establish more observations there and I am hoping to get some good stuff around there. It is always hard to leave schools. All of the campuses I have been to have all kinds of wildlife and it will be a bit harder for me to get back out there and look around but I am hoping that some one will take the time to look around and explore the nature all around. I have put a lot of hard effort to document all of the wildlife that is out there. Lots of new lifers were made at all of those campuses but UTA will be part of an even grander adventure. I don't graduate until the spring. I am sure hoping that in the closing of this chapter in my life I will be able to find a little bit more. Having almost a year without observations at TCC South or any in our district has been very distressing. Sure I have had some days being out there in the last few months. October I was filmed for that Texas Parks and Wildlife episode so that was very good. I am just hoping that there will be some one who will keep the project going and pick up the slack.

I have found several hundred observations out there and I am not sure how many species but TCC South was the most special. Sure TCC Southeast has its charms but South will always be the one I look at with most fondness. It was the place where I created my Nature Club and also was the sight of most of my observations at any TCC sight. No where else is as diverse in that area as South campus. Sure around Northwest you have that prairie and what not but South Campus was interesting for it was just buildings with really nice green spaces and it was so simple but it got so much. TCC South will not be my home away from home much longer but I am hoping for a bunch of adventures at UTA and I am hoping that I find even more interesting observations. It will be hard to leave TCC but the adventure is just picking up speed. My goal to becoming a professional wildlife photographer is on the horizon and I can feel that it will be worth my while.

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