City Nature Challenge 2021 overview Part 1.

So I am still putting in observations and I have to say this one could very well be the most important one we have ever done. Since snow storm Uri we have had a lot of bird deaths and other things freeze and now we are having some big time rain. This has been a very interesting one but it has not been a bad one at all. I mean where I am finding lacking things there are a ton of other things to be found. This year has been quite interesting indeed. I for one have added a bunch of neat species and have had some interesting experiences.
I did get mad at one point for I dropped my Nikon Coolpix L830 and it broke. However it was not a total loss since I still have my DSLR. I have a lot of different things under my belt and went to some new areas. I am not yet done uploading but I just wanted to add some thoughts so far on the uploading trail. I am done with day one and day two and now I am working on day three.

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