Okefenokee Protection Ad in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution

I’m privileged that I could donate one of my photographs to support the cause to protect the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. A full page advertisement was purchased by the Okefenokee Protection Alliance using a photograph I took on the eastern end of Billy’s Lake in the Okefenokee on March 13, 2019. The ad was placed in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution on February 18, 2023. Go to https://protectokefenokee.org/ for more information and to support the Okefenokee NWR!

Okefenokee Protection Alliance

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This is a world treasure to be protected. After spending 5 days there in late November, we decided to try to visit it every season to note the changes in this awesome place. We expect to be there within a month. For paddlers, recommend this for your list of paddles to do. Register via the National Refuge web site if planning to do overnight or multi-day camp-paddles within the refuge. There are day paddles which can be done without registration from Stephen Foster (Georgia) State Park. Primitive, tent & RV campsites and cabins available at Stephen Foster. Also more conventional lodge type units managed by Stephen Foster State Park in Fargo, 18 miles from state park. We had earlier sent our letter to the Georgia Environmental Protection Agency's hearing board, so we will not repeat it again.

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