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06 de agosto de 2023

Gymnocarpium Ferns of PNW

Gymnocarpium disjunctum and G. dryopteris are very hard to distinguish reliably from photos. The only perfectly reliable guide is based on genotype (G. dryopteris is an allotetraploid with one of the parents being diploid G. disjunctum).

G. dryopteris leaves are generally smaller, but hard to distinguish from young G. disjunctum.

The pinnules (leaflets) of the second pinna are usually highly asymmetric in size in G. disjunctum but similar in size or only mildly asymmetric in G. dryopteris. See According to Hitchcock and Cronquist, >1.5x length difference is G. disjunctum and less is G. dryopteris. I would say that if they are nearly equal in length call it G. dryopteris and if they are >2x in length call it G. disjunctum, otherwise leave ID at genus level.

The basal pinnae of mature G. disjunctum are often 3-pinnate or 2-pinnate with moderately to deeply lobed terminal leaflets (3-pinnatifid).

Both ferns usually present in the field as somewhat dispersed groups of single fronds, each arising from a long wandering rhizome. If you can observe the second pinna pair in multiple such fronds the distinction should be clearer but it is annoying to photograph lots of them.

There are other small differences listed in Hitchcock and Cronquist but they are even subtler or microscopic (spore size).

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