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09 de enero de 2014

So far behind

To whomever reads this journal,

I am so far behind on posting pictures! From December 15th on, I have a lot of pictures on which to catch up cropping, posting and identifying.

From San Diego County birds to non-native plants of my neighborhood to a trip to Santa Cruz, CA at the end of the year...

Best wishes of health and great finds, on this beautiful water planet that we call home, to all iNaturalists observers.

Thank you all for all the help I have received and again Happy Trails to all.

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26 de enero de 2014

NO other observers?

I have been way too busy to post the numerous pictures I have taken in San Diego, Santa Cruz and San Diego again, since 12/15/13 which was an outing with BJ "Finatic" in San Diego County, looking for rare birds.

I must say that I am disappointed to see that there seem to be NO OTHER observers than me, considering how much this place is frequented by locals and finally, information about this over 2 years old project of mine, was included in a newsletter. Oh well...

I am not local and on a limited budget so, the project remains fully mine until other show some interest in participating.

I still thank BJ who has tought me so much about birds in general.
BJ, you rock! :-)


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