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03 de agosto de 2023

Issus issues I

The new generation arrived! On August 1st I observed an Issus coleoptratus nymph, (relatively) freshly hatched, already on a trip along the top of a fence, just as its older relatives. Before, my observations of N1 and N2 nymphs were mostly of them stationary on the underside of ivy leaves, while this was one was 5-6m away from ivy, close to a young Acer pseudoplatanus.

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04 de agosto de 2023

Gargara genistae

I observed at least seven Gargara genistae specimens on 2 Colutea arborescens bushes, 1-2m apart, bundling them in 2 observations, 1 for each host plant. Most likely there were more hoppers. The bushes are close to railroad trails, ruderal area.

  • they are excellent flyers, fast and steady, more like bees, not erratic like Cicadellidae I observed
  • nevertheless they are extremely reluctant to take off, sometimes circling around stems, sometimes running away instead
  • all of them were on twigs/stems
  • 1 specimen was attended by ant, it looked like it tried to milk it for honeydew and tried to defend it from me
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