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I joined iNat in 2018 to participate in the City Nature Challenge. That was my "gateway drug" to iNat.

For the purposes of iNaturalist, I'm most interested in insects and birds, but will binge and dabble on other forms of life.

In fall of 2021 started a macrofungi personal challenge of trying to ID shrooms that I knew might be difficult. It's is a slow process. I upload the in situ photos. Later add spore print and spore images (or description) and sometimes, when I still can't figure it out, DNA sequence (often added months after original observation). To help keep track of all that, those observations have their own spreadsheet. I also also use the following tags: "Fungus with spore print" "Fungus with spore print description" "Fungus with spore image" "Fungus with spore description" add "Fungus with DNA sequence."

I have formal training in plant science, with a degree in Plant Biology and a master's degree in Applied Plant Science. I've only taken one class in plant taxonomy, so that Master's degree doesn't give give me much credibility on iNat. Even though plants are my favorite, I spend more time entering other types of wildlife observations (mainly insects). When Winter comes, I try to spend more time identifying what other people have posted. I hope to get my plant ID skills back to where they were circa 2004 (when I took that class in plant taxonomy) and improve from there.

A couple years of photography and iNat usage helped me get my birding indentification skills to the point that, by 2020, I now mainly use eBird for birds. The time and labor of photos and photo editing gets to be too much when there is a simpler way to count birds. I highly recommend eBird to anyone reasonably skilled at bird ID by sight and/or sound. I still have fun entering some birds on iNat, especially during events like City Nature Challenge, if I visit a new place, categories like confusing fall warblers..etc..

I don't post many plants on iNaturalist because I've heard of plant poachers using sites like this. If I do post a rare or uncommon plant, I obscure the coordinates!!!

During 2019 City Nature Challenge, I noticed phenology data can be entered for plants. Since then, I've entered more plants. There are many potential uses of phenology data.

I follow [a lot] of people:

  • I know
  • who are very active users
  • who are great photographers
  • with common interests
  • who observe in my general area (Minnesota) or an area of interest to me (Ohio, Florida).

I check iNat almost every morning to see if I can identify anything that people I follow have posted.

Favorite taxa: I used this feature to make a collection of green, blue, and purple fungi that I want to find. It's more of a goal list than actual favorites.

iNat notes and info I want to "bookmark":

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